Short-term managed futures is an active and fast systematic trading approach designed to capture profit opportunities from real-time fluctuations in highly liquid futures markets


The founding shareholders of Algo Capital have been pioneering software development, trading and fully computerized/automatic fund management in the hedge fund industry since the late 90's


Highly regarded international systematic asset manager responsible for development and maintenance of trading algorithms, with software engineers that have over 25+ years experience

About Us

Algo Capital PCC is an Institutional Grade Technology driven and fully automated quantitative asset management based on independent trading signals, generated from Big Data analysis, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms.

“As Regulated Fund our aim is to offer professional Investors, Institutions and Family Offices the opportunity to invest in BTC and ETH neutralizing the systemics issues and risks which are normally correlated to direct investment in the Crypto and digital Asset space.

Those risks, which are among others, lack of liquidity, hacking, arbitrage, bankrupt of platforms are completely neutralized while investing in a regulated fund through Regulated Prime Market Future on CME.

We are a Traditional Fund in the Crypto New Era with over 25 years’ experience in Trading Future and we are offering a perfect alternative to direct Crypto investments.”

The founding shareholders of Algo Capital have a combined experience of 50 years of automated trading systems.
Applied to a wide range of securities including Futures.
In recent years, they have applied their proprietary algorithmic trading systems to Regulated Bitcoin Futures trading private accounts on development mode.
Consistent market growth has convinced Algo Capital founding shareholders that price accuracy is now sophisticated enough to provide professional investors the level of security and regulation required to launch a Regulated Fund.
The continuous development of quantitative driven investment decisions and short selling allow the trading software to gain advantage on highly volatile market conditions, typical of Bitcoin.
They have been pioneering software development, trading and fully computerized/automatic fund management in the hedge fund industry since the late 90's.
The results have been sufficiently interesting for the shareholders to open these strategies to third party investors.
Launch of Algo Capital, with a first dedicated fund: “LONG-SHORT FUTURE I”.
Short-term trend-following and market momentum have the most influence on Bitcoin price evolution, hence we believe our strategies are most suited to the underlying asset.
Bitcoin price dynamics have proven to be ideally suited for a trend following strategy and more generally for algorithmic trading strategies.

The systematic asset manager with 24-year experience

Algo Capital has partnered for the development and maintenance of the trading algorithms.
Software chief engineers have over 25 years experience in Systematic Future Trading and software development.
The software development team can count on over 50 engineers, in-house and external with hundreds in outsourcing, that continuously upgrade and develop the existing software and research new improving solutions.
Algo Capital management has gained deep knowledge over decades in the industry, pioneering automatic trading strategies since the beginning.
Today the market opportunity for automatic trading strategies is much higher than in the past, which in the late's 90's was characterised by
  • Scarcity of developers
  • Non availability of historical data for testing
  • Old generation software with no continuous update based on market environment.
All the experience accumulated by Algo Capital management is condensed into the software development team that powers Algo Capital funds.
In addition, Algo Capital’s trading desk has gained over 25 years experience in Futures Trading and highly sophisticated Manager Futures strategies.

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