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Algo Capital is a leading hedge fund specialized in investments that capitalize on the digital technology evolution. We prioritize leveraging the potential of innovative technologies, particularly blockchain, within the context of WEB3 and AI. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve by actively seeking out groundbreaking opportunities and trends in the world of investment, ensuring that we maintain a proactive approach towards maximizing returns for our investors.

Empowering Tomorrow, Today.


Our Philosophy and Investment Process

Algo Capital's primary objective is to immerse itself in cutting-edge technology and diversify its investments as widely as possible. To achieve this, we have adopted a hybrid multistrategy structure, which involves investing in a mix of strategies from the best third-party managers selected among the entire digital asset management global ecosystem combined with in house fundamental investment approach.

Our decision to embrace this hybrid multistrategy model is grounded in three fundamental pillars.

First: the digital asset space is in its nascent stages, characterized by a dearth of historical data and a limited track record. Furthermore, the ongoing regulatory developments add complexity to the market. Thus, constructing a single fund high conviction strategy based on short-term data, amidst a scarcity of information and rapidly evolving market dynamics, is a formidable challenge. In this evolving ecosystem, protocols adoption rate and their user base are still uncertain, making it essential to be adaptable and research-driven.

Second: our unwavering commitment to compliance and risk management drives our investment process. Given the absence of comprehensive regulations, finding regulated investment strategies with robust structures can be exceedingly challenging. Consequently, our approach involves leveraging various funds and investment platforms within well-established regulatory frameworks, providing multiple layers of control and risk management throughout the investment process. This multi-layered approach is particularly valuable in the context of digital asset management, addressing risks ranging from bank bankruptcies, to fraud, fund administration, trading platforms (cold or hot wallets), custody, hacking, and frauds. Each strategy emphasizes individual compliance measures, fortified by a proficient network of auditors and administrators, exceeding industry standards and fostering trustworthiness through multi-tiered verification processes.

Third: we prioritize flexibility as a cornerstone of our strategy. In a rapidly changing technological landscape, strategies that focus solely on a single sector or protocol, such as metaverse, token trading, NFTs, web3, or others, may become obsolete within months. Our multi strategy structure enables us to invest across various protocols, sectors, talents and while remaining nimble. We can seamlessly rebalance between fund managers, industry sectors, and talents, allowing us to remain agile and adapt to evolving market trends and developments.

Our extensive experience, spanning over two decades in funds and strategies selection and analysis, equips us with the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of this evolving digital asset landscape.

Millennials Multi Strategy

"Millennials Multi Strategy" is a hybrid multistrategy with a long bias to blockchain technology fundamentals. The fund is designed to invest in the most promising and established strategies within the emerging technology industries, including Artificial Intelligence, DeFi, Metaverse, Macro Blockchain, Staking, Gaming, NFTs, Internet of Things, Security technology, VC Early stage, ICOs, and Private Equity.

The key advantages of the Millennials Multi Strategy Fund are that allow investors to gain exposure to these rapidly evolving new markets through a single, regulated investment vehicle. It simplifies the investor’s investment process and provide diversification across a wide range of innovative sectors.

Algo Capital PCC

Gibraltar ( Regulated by GFSC )

Multistrategy Multi Asset

Min Investment
Euro 125.000, 00

Monthly inflows and NAV, 6 months’ notice redemptions

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Algo Capital PCC Limited regulated by GFSC licence number 27105

  • The GFSC supervises investment firms, funds, fund service providers, auditors, banks, etc.
  • First regulator in the world to introduce a Regulatory Framework and Formal Legislation for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) 

Depositary Bank

Turicum Private Bank is a privately-owned Gibraltar based Bank and wealth management company. We provide first class financial services to private and institutional clients. Turicum was founded in 1993 in Gibraltar by a group of Swiss private bankers, lawyers, asset and fund managers from Zurich, and Geneva.


Suisse regulator

Offered in Switzerland to qualified investors in accordance with Art. 10 of the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA) and Art. 4 para. 3-5, Art. 5 para. 1, Federal Act on Financial Services (FinSA).


Administrator & Secretary

The Abacus group of companies is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. We are a leading international professional services firm in Gibraltar and collectively bring wealth management, corporate structuring, tax, accounting and legal services to our clients. Our physical presence in both Gibraltar and Portugal and our international professional network, allows us to offer multi-jurisdictional solutions, including the full complement of corporate domiciles and sophisticated international trust structures. 


Fund auditor

BDO is one of the top five large international accounting networks, with over 1,700 offices across 167 territories and employing over 97,000 staff worldwide.


Legal advisor

The firm was established in 1905 by the late Arthur C. Carrara CMG, KC and has practised Gibraltar Law continuously since then. Our clients range from international businesses to private companies, governments, charities and private individuals.

Today, due to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards and ethics in our profession; building strong relationships with our clients and our ability to deliver legal solutions.



The representative in Switzerland is OpenFunds Investment Services AG, Seefeldstrasse 35, 8008 Zurich.


Paying Agent

The paying agent in Switzerland is Società Bancaria Ticinese SA, Piazza Collegiata ,6501 Bellinzona.

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