As a crypto-native team we particularly understand the real value of new investment strategies and themes, which are designed to overperform the market and, more importantly, evolve with the same fast pace of the industry.

  • The crypto market it’s in a fast-paced, continuous evolution; there is not a permanent investment thesis or a safe strategy.
    Strategies successful a year ago are obsolete today, or they have just evolved in new ones best adapted to the latest technologies trends.
  • The ability to be nimble, flexible and to understand the market evolution it is of upmost importance in the crypto world.
  • We offer our investors the opportunity to be invested in the best in class and most innovative strategies, leveraging the work of our research team on a day-by-day basis.

The priority is to target





Thematic Multi Strategy Approach

  • The top-down process on the Global Digital Assets evolution and thematic targeting
  • Engineering approach to a bottom-up analysis on new frontiers technologies and the evolution of successful ones in the industry
  • In depth one on one discussions with project and opinion leaders as well as cooperation with research teams and Universities
  • Deep knowledge of market infrastructure 
  • White Papers analysis
  • High rotation and immersive due diligence

Strategy Helicopter View


Crypto Currencies Tokens

  • Flexibility to trade in and out position
  • Early-stage projects
  • Long-short Large Cap coins
  • Long term positions in Large Cap coins and Whale Hodling
  • React to a changing market and technology environment
  • Implement complex strategies to enhance returns or mitigate risks
  • Value creation in the short term

Venture Capital

  • Invest in the technologies of the future
  • Early-stage entry for long term capital appreciation
  • Target pre and post ICO tokens
  • Value creation in the longer term

PE / Infrastructure

  • Invest in the infrastructure of the future
  • Access investment with a reliable cash flow yield
  • Value creation in the medium term

A Bite of the Bets

Crypto trading:
Direct exposure to the market through positions in tokens and crypto currencies that we believe has fundamental value short-term or relative medium-term trades

Venture Capital:
Investments in White Papers early-stage players thought direct financing of projects or pre-ICO;  difference between Liquid and Early stage VC

Private Equity:
Financing Blockchain-Related projects, with focus on cash flow yield generation


Large Cap:

Long Term Position in Large Cap Coins and Whale Hodling strong fundamental sentiment

Risk approach
Implement complex strategies to mitigate risks
Fluctuations from being fully invested to swing versus more conservative strategies or cash positions, but always being in the game

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