Some could argue that fund of funds is an old-Fashioned business, as investors, “management and founders are invested in the funds first hand” we believe that as the Digital Asset Regulated business is in a very early stage, it is definitely worth to play it as fund of funds as this provide many advantages such as:

  • broad compliance enforcement, every regulated sub fund runs its own compliance first and the network of auditors and admin is much more efficient today than back in the 90”s therefore trustable and multilevel of verifications.
  • Broad bank diversification, again, being diversified with different sub funds give opportunity to have a very important diversification on the banking system and we have experienced this is past with many banks that being diversified is a key factor.
  • There is a huge opportunity of different talents out there, as the digital asset regulated industry is at early stage provide a huge opportunity for investors but also require a strong work behind the scenes to select the best players on the market - with over 20 years’ experience in fund selection and fund analysis, this gives us the confidence and the background for the challenges that this market interpretation require.
  • Not only performance, when is down to the final decision of an investment, there is not only performance, being able to read the companies, the management and the strategies, is a key factor when running a fund of funds.
  • We only look for players able to offer a unique angle on the market, replicating major coin or index is not what we are looking for. 

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